Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 17--November 24, 2014

Week 17--November 24, 2014

sounds like everyone is doing well ! :) glad to hear it!!!
and sounds like lydia is going to be a professional singer! congrats ! :P
and congrats to BJ on the reflections contest and what is IGC gymnastics?
and wow dad that sounds like a super successful conference! so glad it went well! and interesting point with the scripture..i think that is something i struggle with. i need more love for the people and need to think less about the numbers (which is hard when the mission is CONSTANTLY asking about the numbers and such). sometimes when i get frustrated i just go into contacting mode and contact everyone so that i feel like at least we will have done a lot of contacts, but they arent very meaningful at that point because they are just numbers in my mind. but im working on it and praying for love..also its hard to stay focused on our purpose and why people actually need our message in particular when everyone is already so religious. the biggest challenge is to help people actually understand why our church is different and that we arent just there to talk for hours about God. but its all good :) i think its a good learning experience for me haha
and congrats to hilary miller, is emily engaged yet? and to Cindy too!! thats exciting!
and we have a member that promised to make us pumpkin pie for thanksgiving so we are excited for that! this week is going to be kind of crazy since hna osterloh is leaving, we have to do lots of divisions for her to go to the temple and such and do visa stuff all day tomorrow. this last week was better, we had another investigator at church so that was awesome! hopefully something more will happen with her!! we also helped a new inactive family come to church sunday which was exciting! all is well and i will send pics this week :) love and miss you all!
sunsets are the best here, also sunrises..the view from our apt again..

last pday at the park for a bbq with our zone. our fanny packs :P

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