Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 16-November 17, 2014

Week 16-November 17, 2014

haha it was fun to read everyones emails :)
also THANK YOU for the package!!!! super fun to get!!!! also tell benjamin i did his puzzles and loved them! i took pictures but cant send them :/

my week was good, although a little frustrating too. tuesday we found 5 new investigators (three of which was a family who seemed super awesome) but then the rest of the week wasnt as great... on sunday after calling and visitng tons of poeple and doing everything we could think of to get people to church, everyone canceled on us. it was tough and we were both on the verge of a breakdown basically the entire time during church but we had a recently reactivated man there who bore his testimony in sundayschool about how he could feel the Spirit every time we passed by and so that helped me feel better because preach my gospel says a successful misionary is one who through whom others can feel the Spirit, so as long as someone can feel the Spirit through us, we cant be complete its just hard because the elders are finding all knds of people and it makes us feel like we are doing something wrong. but we decided we just need to keep being obedient and patient and have faith and keep working hard :) so all is well
anyway funny fact of the week, ¨"whats up" is literally a verb here! lol i cant even take people seriously when they say it. they use it as a spanish verb to describe using social media (any kind) basically. lol so they will say things like "esta wassupando?" or "ustedes tienen wassup?" lol super funny..
oh also we found boysenberry trees in our sector the other day! super yummy ! haha
anyway yes i finished the book of mormon in time :) and i was thinking the other day about my experience with missionary for a day and was thinking how it wasnt that fun and i was terrified of tracting and how actually being a missionary is completely different. i have absolutely no fear of knocking doors and its totally different when you are teaching and contacting people you are actually going to see again and when its your life. missionary for a day and accompaning the missionaries is nothing like the real thing,...
but love and miss you all! have a great week!

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