Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 73-December 25, 2015

Week 73-December 25, 2015
No email this week since we got to Skype on Christmas.  What a blessing to get to see and talk with both Ashley and Taylor!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 72-December 15, 2015

Week 72-December 15, 2015
thanks for changing my facebook :) and ya i think its best if we just use skype and maybe its better the 26th? ill ask around. just give me an hour and ill find a place. you said like 5 or 6 my time would work?
so this week silvia got baptized. she was so happy and it was the most beautiful service ive ever been to. the other woman who got baptized is the mom of one of the members who ALWAYS helps us. she is like our mom here. she even brings us jackets when its cold and accompanys us all the time. anyway her mom is like 90 years old and she never thought she could get baptized because she couldnt remember the stuff but she learned everything with the elders and got baptised. she was also a miracle....
the members helped us and silvia shared how she felt a peace and a heat that didnt leave her even after the baptism.
it was awesome :)
tomorrow i get a new companion, a greenie :) that will be fun. ill send pics next week. cant talk much more this week cuz i gotta do my despidida photo and such but hope the pictures make up for it :)
The Best Christmas present ever...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 71-December 8, 2015

Week 71-December 8, 2015

anyway, im doing fantastic. we walked around a lot this week in the sun, it got HOT this week ... we are using tons of sunscreen and asking for water in every contact :P then we ask for the bathroom knocking doors to get in :P its  a perfect technique. also sometimes i ask for the bathroom just to be able to sit down for a sec..haha
but we have seen so many miracles again this week. i feel like all of the things i dreamed of in my mission are happening now, in the end. God wanted me to learn patience or something.. haha but Yesenia and her kids came to church sunday and we taught her the law of chastity and she said she is going to propose to her husband because she has already waited like 5 years :P haha but she is seriously awsesome. and for the first time in my whole mission , the husband is also willing and suporting her. he is a great guy. hope we get to plan their wedding :P it would make up for all the weddings i have had to miss while im here ..also her youngest kid is named benjamin and is 2, haha but anyway fransisca is also thinking about baptism, maybe this saturday. we will see what happens. and ariel passed his interview but still doesnt feel ready so he hasnt gotten baptized yet but its just a matter of time. also silvia STOPPED SMOKING!!!! we called her last night and she said the ¨blessing worked¨¨! and that she hasnt smoked since!! we were so happy my companion made a cake :P she is an expert chef and ive tried all kinds of peruvian foods and today she is going to make me leche asada cuz i requested it :P shes the best. my goal is learn to cook stuff from every comp and in the end i will be able to cook food from all the countries and so far ive been able to do it :)
also i bought stuff and chocolate and letters to send you guys but then the post office was going to take FOREVER so i couldnt sent it. sorrry haha but know that i thought of you guys while i ate the chocolate i was going to send :P
i will try to send a picture of the card i made mom. hopefully she can read it...
love and miss you all!!!
mom: did you get a chance to change my facebook? i need to put it on my despididas here so let me know what it is... thanks! love you mom have a fantastic birthday!!!
also thanks for the christmas tree and lights and advent calendar and evrything!!!!! love it!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 70-December 1, 2015

Week 70-December 1, 2015

haha hey everyone, glad to hear everyone had a great thanksgiving! we didnt do anything special but the next day we had a meeting with president and in the end we had a yummy lunch of turkey and mashed potatoes! :P this week was a great one. ariel didnt get baptized because he was EXHAUSTED sunday but we will continue working with him to help him get baptized pronto. also silvia came to church after saying she couldnt cause she was sick! miracle! and raquel and fransisca and yesenia and her husband and three kids!!! that was a real miracle. now we just have to marry them :P they are awesome,. the littlest kid is named benjamin and is 2 years old..
it got super hot this week. we got burned like every day :P  and sunday ariel gave us each a bottle of sunscreen because he was worried about us :P im finally learning the value of sunscreen... haha mom would be so happy.
also we had divisions this week with our hermana leader (hermana harden, who in from my group), which was fun. she asked me what my favorite part of the mission was and i realized that one of my favorite parts is when the people tell us they can feel the Spirit through us. i love it when people make comments like ¨when you guys visit, you always leave a peace in our house¨or all kinds of other comments describing chills or light or when they start crying whhen we are testifying that God loves them. i love thinking that even if we dont have all the success we want or maybe we arent the perfect missionary, God can still use us to help His children and can testify of our words. my goal is to always be ready to listent o the Spirit and be able to help those around me and be the answer to their prayers. 
love you all and have a great week! 
hermana jensen