Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 18-December 1, 2014

Week 18-December 1, 2014

wow sounds like a busy and fun week!!! lots of thanksgiving stuff and more soccer and taylor being home :) glad to hear it was so good for everyone :)
this week was crazy for us, it was hna osterlohs last week so she had to go do stuff for her visa, classes to get a job when she gets back, her farewells and such, so basically the week was a blur of divisiones and such. but i got to go with her to visit her former sectors saturday, which i was super excited about because we got to visit the coast!!! it was raining so basically we just drove to the beach, took a picture, visited one family and left , but i was thrilled to see the beach!! ill try to send pics next week..
friday we said goodbye to people in our sector and basically everyone gave us food lol they say if you come home fat its because the people loved you :P but it could be true because we got a lunch of all of hna osterlohs favorite chilean foods from Sara (our investigator) and then pizza from a menos activo family and then Hno Borquez, our other recently reactivated member, made us french toast because i guess some gringo elders taught him how and nobody makes it here :P it was a lot of food but was fun to feel the love from so many people here. i think that really is a huge blessing of a mission, you get to personally get to know so many people and the people here are so loving..its the best :) then sunday the 8 yr old daughter of our menos activo family that we have been working with got baptized :) it was a great way to end hna osterlohs mission ..
but today we had the change meeting and i was super nervous about hna osterloh leaving but my new companion seems super nice, so we will see what happens .we were just really happy our sector didnt get white-washed (when both missionaries get replaced by new missionaries). her name is Hermana Flores from Honduras. i will send pictures when hna osterloh emails me them ...anyway, it was a good week, just kind of crazy, so it will be good to get back into the regular groove of things this week..
love you all and miss you tons!!!

also i got your package!!! the big one! should i open it or wait for christmas?! :)

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