Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 15--November 10, 2014

Week 15--November 10, 2014

sounds like everyone is doing well!! congrats mandy on her medals at state!!! and good job at all the soccer games everyone :)
and dad, i get 1 hr and 15 min to email on pday and ya taylor and taylor and emily and some other people write every week too. its great to feel loved :) haha we will see how long it lasts..
and mom, yes im super tan  i get burnt every day i have tan lines everywear and i wear 60 spf sunscreen on my face and still every day at least one person tells me i look burnt ..this week i also got asked if im chilean and someone joked that i almost look Haitian (there are lots of them here haha).
no i havent gotten the papers you sent yet, maybe this wed  we only get mail every other wed
ya christie is doing well :) working and doing BYUI online
This week the biggest news was that we had a conference on sat with Elder Nelson!! super cool. He shook hands with every one of the 500 missionaries there and his talk and his wifes talk and the other couples that were there were amazing!! i felt the Spirit super strong as soon as he walked in the room and he talked about our role in gathering the house of Israel in the last days and such with a ton of interesting facts and knowledge about the topic....super interesting..
haha funny story. while contacting thursday we knocked on a door and a woman answered and we introduced ourselves as always and talked about our beliefs and such and asked her if she had shared with missionaries before (tons of people have) and she immediately said that No and that she didnt like our church.(usually people just say they are already Catholic and therefore already have faith in Chirst and all religions are really the same) We asked why and was there something in particular that she didnt like? She responded ¨"ustedes son extranjeros, no puedo entenderles¨" lol of all the things to turn down salvation for lol just because the missionaries have we died of laughter afterwards. my plan is to go back next month when i have a latina companion and see what she says :P we meet the funniest people contacting sometimes..its the best lol

anyway, it wasnt the most successful week ever but next week will be better and i refuse to wear the 100 dollar ecco shoes i bought anymore (i spent an entire day in them walking around and got so many blisters and my feet were so was the worst) haha ...oh well. it was a good week though :)
love and miss you all! was going to send pictures but we are on a diff comp this week and so i cant figure out how to work week i will

love love love,

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