Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 43-May 25, 2015

Week 43-May 25, 2015

wow sounds like taylors farewell was a success!! its crazy to think he leaves this week...doesnt seem real for me.. but he will be awesome.
also sounds like backpacking was fun!! and allie came! bet it was fun to get to know her finally :P 
anyway, i am doing well, sent some pictures this week :P
tried a new food this week that is absolutely divine. Sushi frito. fried sushi. literally delicious. and so chileno because they literally fry everything. but they put cheese and avocado and fish or chicken in the sushi and deep fry it. we have a family of menos activos who sell sushi and now its an addiction.. haha if you find it there, try it.
also this week we found a puppy (1 month old) in the street and ended up knocking doors looking for a home for it. it was so cute haha it was such a tentation to take it home... but anyway we finally found a member whose little dog had just died and they took it in. ill send a picture the next time we see it. 
also we got in the middle of a marital fight the other day with a family we found knocking doors. basically the wife was super jealous and tryed to argue with us about everything we taught and in the end told us "of course my husband let you in, he talks to and lets in all the women and young girls here" oh my goodness it was so awkward. the husband is actually really good, he just listened. so that was an interesting experience. 
also this week i learned a lot about how hard salvation really is and how real the devil really is. lots of weird experiences with stuff like that and stories about spirits in other pensions and from the people. basically one of the things i have gained a testimony of here is that is God is real, Satan is too. and that there really is another world of people without bodies, good and bad. anyway, that has also been interesting. i have decided latinos are especially sensitive to these things, so im grateful to be a gringo :P haha  oh and a challenge for dad: can you find a scripture that says that God the Father loves us (in the present, not that "God so lovED the world..")? it has been our search recently. basically it turns out maybe God already did everything He was going to do with this world..interesting to think about.
love and miss you all! have a great week!
BYE TAYLOR!! you are going to be awesome! read your email before you go! love you tons.
our house..the land of desolation​
This morning in the city in a McDonalds bathroom at 8am
Freezing in the cold street :p
noche de talentos. this is estephania. she got baptized in january before i got to this sector :)
when your clothes are super limited and its freezing outside and you just dont even really care if things match... had to take a picture it was so bad :P  hermana espinoza says we have to be careful because if we wear enough ugly or weird clothes we might start thinking they look sense of style is seriously in danger haha

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 42-May 18, 2015

Week 42-May 18, 2015
ok well you guys didn't write (we did...not sure why she didn't get them=)) but i can write you guys i guess. haha anyway this week was good. Jorge got the priesthood sunday :) it was awesome.
changes were this week so we had the meeting today. it was hermana arangos birthday thursday so president called to tell her happy birthday and after she said she was happy with her companion he told her not to worry, that we wouldnt be changed. haha `es un regalo` he said. so basically hermana arango got chocolate and me for her birthday :P haha but we are doing great and now we will live alone because the sector of the other hermanas was closed and given to the elders of their ward. so now we will be lonely and are a little nervous about the security of living alone but president knows what he is doing and where we live is super chill so we will be ok. all we have to worry about are the natural disasters :P all kinds of volcanos and earthquakes here.. 
anyway, one thing i learned this week is the power of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. i never understood why we have to read every day before but now we can tell and see the differences in the people who are reading and those who are not. its so easy to loose your testimony and the people who stop reading adn praying loose everything, even their memory of the gospel that was so important to them before. also investigators who read, progress and feel a desire to do things right, but those who dont never do anything to progress. ive realized even looking back on my own life that the times when i was reading i progressed and actually wanted to do good things and when i wasnt reading, i was rebelious, questioned everything, and did things i regretted later. the scriptures have power, especially the book of mormon. the simple things really work to help us progress. anyway, that is what i learned this week. also the word etiquetar, which means to tag, like tag a photo on facebook :) 
love and miss you all! have a great week!
hope dad had a great birthday!!!

Week 41--May 11, 2015

Week 41--May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Skype--Sunday, May 10th, 2015 1:00-2:00pm

it was awesome talking to you guys yesterday!!! everyone seems a little older but basically the same, which is comforting :P our family is pretty steady and constant haha
glad everyone is doing well. i will send pics. love and miss you all! have a fantastic week and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!! you are the best!! love you tons. thanks for your example and testimony and hard work for our family. and for being super fun and for having so much love for all of us. 

Ashley and Hermana Arango at the Santiago temple

her desk...notice the neatness=)

Ashley and Hermana Arango with Jorge and aunt and nephew

Week 40-May 4, 2015

Week 40-May 4, 2015
we just had a brief email exchange arranging our Mother's day Skype...