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Week 14-November 3, 2014

Week 14-November 3, 2014

hey everyone!
loved hearing about everyones week :)
sounds like everybody is killing it in all their activities..
how did state go for gymnastics?!
here goes for moms questions..
for breakfast this week we have made eggs with spinach and onion every morning, or yogurt.
for Pday we go to the mall to use internet and get groceries and meet up with other sisters sometimes, or we have zone activities, or today we are at estacion central  (a lot like down town LA or something) to buy souveniers for Hna osterloh and a fanny pack for me :P theyre all the style here and a lot better than a big backpack ;)
yes there are tons of little kids,. we blessed two babies this sunday. but i dont think they have as many kids as american morman families because they think our families (6 kids and 8 kids) are huge..most have like 2_4
i like both, i have more time to read and respond to real letters but i can only get them every two weeks and sometimes i cant always go send letters back on Pday, so emails are the best for hearing from everyone every week. but letters are fun too :) 
haah ill have to send another spanish one for you to work on ;)
as for dad´s questions, 
the cold water is extra motivation to run every morning, so we usually are at least a little warm when we get in :P
and ya i think the divorce process can be long and complicated, so they are both still in that process..
i literally busted up and told my companion about your laser pointer idea..lol im sure you at least scared all the neighbors by convincing them that you are crazy ;) lol just kidding, its actually a fantastic idea haha if we have a tree house in the front now we might as well use it right? 
haha taylor emails me every week like he promised :P maybe i get to hear more from him than you guys! haha does he call you guys every sunday or anything? is he still using my phone?

My week:
this week was good. even better with new investigators! we found 9!! but we fasted yesterday to find a family to baptize before Hna Osterloh leaves..we will see what happens.
monday we found the daughters of one of our investigators and they both grew up in new jersey for a few years so they speak english and so we tried to speak in english with them but as soon as we started teaching and testifying, we had to give up lol its so hard to teach in english what i only learned to teach in spanish! and i havent talked about the gospel in english in a while! haha Hna osterloh is worried about her homecoming talk because she has forgotten all the gospel terms in english :P
We learned how to make Chilean bread on wednesday with one of our menos activos and it was super fun. its basically the same as regular bread but in a different shape.. but made me think about how you only get to have experiences like that on a mission. tourists dont get to speak spanish and have someone teach them how to make bread and listen to spanish music. i was grateful to get to be here on a mission :) 
Halloween was fun also! they just barely started celebrating it here, so its not very big yet but the glowsticks mom sent in my first package were perfect to give out and contact with!
saturday one of our menos activos families who we had been trying to track down and visit with the mom´s visiting teacher (we have visited them before and their kids just got baptized in the last year) texted us and said they didnt want us to come or call anymore. that we were bugging them. it was just the mom, im pretty sure the kids still like us, but it was out of nowhere and it kind of ruined out morning. rejection from contacts is one thing but rejection from someone you know well and such is a lot harder..the rest of the morning we had investigators who told us they didnt really want more and such and so it was a hard morning. but we are good now:)  we also realized why missionaries study for so many hours every morning.. we talk to so many people every day with questions and doubts and who tell us we have been tricked by the bishop or such into believing that we need strong testimonies to not be shaken by it all. but my testimony has definitely only grown. 
also we had an investigator in church yesterday who smokes and he smelled super strongly of smoke in the chapel and it made me think of the quote by a general authority or someone who said that the best smell at church is cigarette smoke because it means someone is trying to change/repent ..haha  unfortunately he still has a lot of doubts and questions to overcome so i dont know if he will be baptized anytime soon but he listening, so we will see what happens.
anyway, it was a good week. love and miss you all!!!

"Halloween with the glow bracelets you sent-we gave them out while contacting"

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