Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 13-October 27, 2014

Week 13-October 27, 2014

haha wow love the great costumes everyone :p
and no we dont have warm showers still...they came to fix it but no luck...
and hmmm..i think making church first priority my whole life and all the traditions we had that incorporated the gospel that i look back on now and realize the best moments of my life and my best moments with my family are all memories of Easter and Christmas and blessings and such...i think things like that make me realize how much of an impact the church has made on my life and family and that is what made me want to serve...
and no i didnt get a package yet, but apparenly taylor wood sent one like two months ago that hasnt gotten here so im not sure how long it really takes..
tell benjamin congrats on his soccer game and mandy with gymnastics! where is her state meet?! thats awesome!
and im sure lydia did fantastic with chanteurs! also tell natalie good luck with whatever decision she makes :P either way she will have fun im sure...
anyway my week was good, SUPER HOT though...
we have seen so much success this week, its been awesome and super fun to see the blessings from all our hard work the last couple weeks with not many results..this week we found 7 new investigators! we even surpassed our goal of 6! first time ever,..
we are also trying to be more direct in our teaching...we taught an inactive woman this week and her son ( a returned missionary) wanted to share with us too and gave a killer lesson to his mom with super direct questions and got her to agree to read the BOM again even though she stopped believing it years ago...we were amazed and realized we need to be kind and loving but also direct and call people to repentance sometimes. haha
i dont know if it was in the ensign too but the Liahona did an article on the church in chile last month and one of the pictures is of my teacher in the CCM and one of the statistics said 1 in 30 chileans are members..we werent surprised because we meet people on the street all the time that say they were baptized years ago..many stopped attending right after they got baptized though and everyone has faith in Christ here but no one wants to go to church...ive had to learn more about the purpose of church and such..
but Hno Borquez, one of the men we reactivated recently, is awesome and we have decided to set him up with Hna Silvia, another recently reactivated woman who is super awesome now. They are both separated but have killer testimonies and we had her accompany us for a lesson with him and they hit it off and now we are all making French toast tmrw night and she is super maybe we cant baptize anyone right now but maybe we will help create an eternal marriage ;) lol that adventure madefriday extra fun :P
also i have been called fat or pregnant twice now by people on the street and its been a joke of ours for a while until this week when the same thing happened to Hna Osterloh, twice in one week! lol now we are even and we are going on a diet this week :P lol these people are just super and its not offensive to call people fat here, so people do it all the time.
anyway, it was a good week :) glad all of you guys are doing well too!
love and miss you!

sunsets here are amazing..also sunrises when we are running every morning! crazy cool with the Andes in the background and i guess the ozone is thinner here or something so the skies are awesome but we also get sunburnt super easily... and a house with some creepy statues we took a picture of, but thats what the houses we knock look like. and my district before the last change...

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