Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 56-August 25, 2015

Week 56-August 25, 2015
hi everyone!! good to hear everyone is ready for school to start again and doing great! im dong well, we went to the temple this morning and that was awesome and im starting to really know my new sector and the members (its easier every change because my spanish is better) haha. 
i have a mission for mom or dad, i need to know the story of conversion of our family. who was the first member of our ancestors? how did they join the church and such... 
also do we have any relation with the john tanner of the D&C videos? haha just curious..
this week we found lots of new people and got to work in some other sectors looking for new investigators and found lots! lots of miracles in finding.. knocking lots of doors. haha one example, last night i was getting kinda frustrating of knocking doors all day and so i was praying in my mind for help to find people and have pacience and after like 5 doors we ffound a pregnant mom who let us in and we taught lesson 1 and she started crying in the end and said she was happy. she had been wanting to start going to a church with her family and we had stopped by. she wants her famiy to be forever. the only challenge is that she is living with her husband but they arent actually married. but miracles happen :P just gotta have faith haha thats something i struggle with sometimes (i tend to overthink things instead of just trust God) but i am getting better. also its a miracle in the mission how God gives us the faith to be excited and have hope in everyone even after so many people have decided not to accept the message. its all worth it for the one person who accepts. also the seed theory is true. ive been able to see that with my first sector, i was always frustrated because i felt like we werent accomplishing much in the way of investigators but now a few of the people we found have gotten baptized and the sector is doing great :) the key is to just keep working hard and trying your best and God will do His part. its His work, not ours. anyway i learn new things every day... :P 
anyway i am doing well and learning how to cook food from argentina and such :P also trying to lose weight ..:P haha i love living with other hermanas, even when we have one shower for 4 hermanas. 
love you all and have a great week!

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