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Week 55-August 18, 2015

Week 55-August 18, 2015

haha great job with all your missionary work! 
glad you guys saw the picture from Blake cuz i havent had a chance to take any haha he promised he would make sure everyone sees it :P lol but i didnt see the pic.. :/
it was super fun to see him but weird at the same time to see a friend from the other side of the world all of a sudden here in chile haha  he came to pick up his brother and they came to our change meeting and such. 
but as for the changes, im in the cityish again, in maipu. im in the stake Olimpo in the sector Los Heroes 2. im here with Hermana Galeano from Argentina who was in my first zone :) she is awesome. i prayed for another latina companion and God answered again :P haha  the sector is great but a LOT more wealthy than my last sector, which makes finding people who are receptive a Little more harder but its ok and im excited to be here. i think we will be visiting more members and looking for refereces more because we will finish knocking ALL the doors this week..haha its a lot smaller of a sector too. we have a family of super awesome investigators who came to church sunday and are excited to be baptized! the Ward is super united here and they have a lot more activities and energy to do missionary work and such so that is fun :) 
also guess what?! almost everyone understands me!!! haha i was so scared for changes because last time nobody was used to my accent and noone understood me. but turns out hermana arangos efforts worked! ive even been asked like 3 times if im from argentina or chile. :P and hermana Galeano said i dont talk like a gringa, i have a french accent or something. i probably have the weirdest blend of columbian and honduras and peru accent. haha yay for less gringo accent!!!
we live with two other gringas, so that is fun. 
anyway, im doing great and hope you all are doing well too!
sounds like the california trip was a blast!! enjoy the last couple weeks of summer! when does school star?
have a great week!love you all!
Ashley with friend, Blake Cowan from BYU (visiting to get brother) and new companion, Hermana Galeano

Facebook message from Blake: "I don't know you, but I do know that my mom loves getting pictures of her babies out on their missions. Haha! Ashley and I were in the same ward at BYU when she lived at liberty square. I just saw her yesterday as I was picking up my brother from his mission there and she's doing great! "

"The world is so small or as the Latinos say, "El mundo es un pañuelo." That is her new companion! They had transfer meeting on Wednesday and their president made a LOT of changes to their mission. I'm sure she'll tell you all about that so I won't steal her thunder. Just know that you won't get an email till Tuesday cause their pday has been changed. Yeah, Ashley and I had talked about serving with my brother before she left on her mission. Also, her mission president had us over for desert the other night and he said that your daughter is one of their hardest working sisters in the mission"

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