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Week 53-August 3, 2015

Week 53-August 3, 2015
so this week was crazy. lots of stuff happened. basically its impóssible to tell all the stories in email but i will try to give the short version...
first thing. we went to the temple finally with jorge!!!! its was AWESOME. it was kind of crazy at first because we messed up some stuff submitting the name of his grandpa to the temple so that was a little stressful because the priesthood doing the baptisms had to wait but after we got it figured out and we went to do the ordinance it all went awesome. Nothing important works out perfectly. Ever. haha the Spirit was so strong in the temple. i love the temple. its a tangible peace when you enter. he did the baptisms for his grandpa and other names from the temple and then they had a little meeting for all the people doing baptisms for the first time that night. the temple president spoke and it was awesome. jorge knew all the answers to his questions :P then we just sat in the little room in the temple for a few minutes afterwards and talked with him and there was so much peace. we could all feel it. he didnt want to leave. he thanked us for bringing him and said he was going to keep going strong in the church and he wants his endowment and to get married in the temple (our next mission; find a wife :P) . His mom came with us and a convert of the elders juan carlos who is awesome but didnt want to do baptisms yet. he is waiting to go with his dad for the first time. so they waited outside the temple. afterwards jorge told his mom about how he felt inside and said he was going to be an addict to the temple. :P basically it was awesome. so grateful to be part of it.
sunday jenny and her daughters came to church!! it was super fun to have them there and turns out they knew a few of the members so they felt comfortable and seemed to enjoy it. 
Then yesterday was one of the craziest nights of my time here. we were looking for new people, contacting with a member accompanying us. It was something called a cosechon when all of the zone came to our ward to work in our sector and help us find new people so we had members with us and we had a few companionships of elders in the sector working. basically we passed by for a contact we had talked to a few times now and we asked her how she was and she started crying. turns out her  husband who doesnt live with her anymore because he is alcoholic had stopped by and broke into her house, breaking down her door. she lives in the toma, the super poor part where the houses are practically shacks of random wood. basically we started working and rescrewed her door in and then we started talked inside her house. during all this her husband showed up again but was waiting outside because we were there with her. she has a daughter and a little boy. anyway, while we were inside he decided to come in. the daughter was so scared she was crying and hiding this whole time. the moment he was outside the door coming in i was pretty dang freaked out. the wife was so nervous she was shaking and we had no idea what to do. he was totally drunk and drugged. anyway, he came in and we invited him to listen to our message. we sang i am a child of god, all of us shaking with nervousness not knowing what to do. long story short, he tried to argue with us a few times and got mad at one point but didnt do anything because we were there. we couldnt leave though and our cell phone was dead so we couldnt call anyone or the elders so they all waited for us, not knowing what was happened. we finally got him to leave and called the police on the phone of the member with us and finally left at like 9:15pm. the elders were waiting and worried and we ended up having to run to make it to the house in time. crazy night. but the mom and daughter accepted a baptism date and are super excited :P
also we learned how to make pizza and crepes from a chef today. 
anyway it was a good week.  love and miss you all!
Temple doing baptisms with Jorge and Hermana Arango

Temple doors

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