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Week 52-July 27, 2015

Week 52-July 27, 2015
good to hear that singing in the rain went so well and that benjamin is rocking it in soccer and that mandy is enjoying gymnastics :)
this week was interesting. President is super stressed out all the time and basically we are scared of him all the time and his meetings and lately he has been pretty mad about some things so this week at the last minute he said we couldnt go to the temple with the stake and that instead we had to go to a 7 hour training meeting with him. we were pretty devastated to be honest. basically long story short, ive cried more becasue of stuff the leaders have said or president than any other thing in the mission and hermana arango is even more sensitive than me...basically i had to pray for a ton of humilty and patience this week and surprised myself with how much better ive gotten since when i left :P  but anyway, we couldnt go to the temple and so jorge didnt go and victoria didnt go but fernanda went, so that was awesome. also we finally got permission to go this saturday with jorge instead and hopefully victoria can come :) the training meeting ended up being super good. President is an awesome guy, super faithful and its obvious that he seeks and receives tons of revelation. his job is super hard, im so glad i will never have to be a mission president.... haha
funny stories this week. a drunk man in the street tried to bite hermana arango and i had to intervene and argue with him about how she was mine and then he thought we were lesbian and we had to explain that no, we are definitely not lesbians and such. lol basically the poor guy is pretty frustrated with his wife and the whole thing ended up being super funny. 
Vicente was going to be baptized this week but his family didnt come to church again so now he cant be baptized yet. it was pretty disappointing.we even threw rocks at their window sunday to wake them up. there are just so many people who think they can live the gospel in their house but it doesnt work like that. we need the sacrament and we need to serve others for our own salvation. President said something interesting this week. he said if we dont serve, we cant enter the kingdom of God. if we dont do our visits (home teaching, visiting teaching) we cant enter. period. it really hit me because its true. there are so many people who need help that if we arent willing to help, how can we expect to be with God some day? also hna arango and i have decided that every morning in studies we learn about how hard salvation really is. the Atonement has to be pretty strong because there are so many things to do and so many mistakes we make basically the Jehovah witnesses are right and we will all be in the terrestial kingdom. we always joke that our goal is to make it to the 'toma' of the celestial kingdom (the poorest part of our sector, where the people just go and build there own houses because the land doesnt belong to anyone). forget about mansions there, i just want a shack in the corner :P also hna arango said something interesting the other day. i was confused about how there are so many people who know the commandments and the bible inside and out but dont really know God. she said its like sopaipillas, someone can see them and study them and know their texture and color and everything about them, but until they actually taste them they cant enjoy them. until we actually decide to live the commandments, we will never really know if they are good. we have to trust God like taylor says and live it to know and really get to know God. 
 anyway, love and miss you all. 
hermana jensen
ps ill send a pic of my boots right now. i finally bought new ones today :P 

after glueing them like 3 times...

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