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Week 49-July 6, 2015

Week 49-July 6, 2015

wow so now im learning i really dont have time to read all the emails when taylor is also writing a bunch :P so now i will just write and print out your emails to read afterwards. but congrats mandy in nationals!!!! wow!!!! 
also im doing to sacrifice a lot of time on this complicated computer to send pics so sorry if i cant write a ton.-..hopefully youll enjoy the pics ..haha
anyway this week was the final of the Copa America so we had to be in the house a ton saturday because all of chile had a party all day until sunday in the morning ...haha but it was super fun. lots of bbqs and honking and such. and lots of things that make the noise of fireworks but not the fire..haha on the fourth of july. that part was a bummer, but at least it sounded like fireworks haha we have had to be in the house early every time chile played..even people who dont like football would watch it. pretty awesome haha
but even after partying all night, lots of people came to church sunday and we had an awesome meeting with all the ward councils and pres barreiros in the evening and it turned out super well. sometimes it feels like there is so much to do and we are the only ones working, but the meeting really showed how determined the leaders are too and that we are really all working together, so that was great. 
also we got confirmed again that God answers prayers. so much that we should be careful what we pray for :P we fasted with basically all of chile sunday for rain and when we left lunch of sunday after ending the fast, guess what? started to rain.. haha its crazy how good prayer and fasting workes sometimes. ive just learned we have to be specific and grateful in our prayers and God answers, sometimes IMMEDIATELY. haha
also this week we found two new investigators but it was super funny because we went looking for one, taught her, and then she told us her mom wanted us to come over (when her mom told her that during the lesson we have no idea..haha) so we went next door and taught her mom who turns out is a member and her sister, who is awesome and accepted a baptism date and everything! her name is connie. we are excited to see where things go with her :)
also this week i got sick again. not sure from what but spent another night vomiting all night. the nurse thinks its food poisoning again or something. i hope so. i know i said i wanted salmonella or something in the mission to loose weight but im rethinking it now..:P (another prayer God probably is answering...i gotta be more careful :P)
anyway, love you all!! have a great week!

also its crazy to be a missionary and watch how the Spirit works through us to make grown men cry. sometimes we dont even realize it but the Spirit can be there talking to the person or someone listening on the side and helping them feel what God wants them to feel...its crazy. that was another thing i learned this week.... addiction

the sky in the morning..
victoria and her family :) 

he familia Lisana perez. they are the best. they are the ones that make us fried sushi :P

zone activity today

he night of the final of the copa america!!! party in the pension with our chile hats :P

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