Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 50-July 13, 2015

Week 50-July 13, 2015
hey sounds like the familyreunion is going awesome!! :) say hi to everyone for me!! 
i am doing great :) this week we saw lots of miracles with finding people and really realizing that we as missionaries dont do anything. nothing at all. we walk into houses, sing and say a prayer, bring the Spirit, and the people learn. haha its actually pretty funny to watch it happen. sometimes the people just feel the Spirit and it tells them something that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. ive learned to just go with it :P its actually super comforting, because its scary as a missionary to think that you dont always have to right words or the launguage or the perfect scripture, but if the Spirit is there and the people WANT to feel it, they will learn all kinds of stuff by themselves. we have one lesson where we were looking for inactive members in our list of directions and knocked on a door and the woman let us in. we sat down, said a prayer and we started telling us literally her whole life story and that of all of her family, including super personal stuff that had happened to her and her daughter and such. she talked nonstop for about an hour and we literally just sat and listened. she also cried a lot. then we opened our books of mormon to share a scripture and she got excited and read the scripture. we asked her what she thought of it and she applied it and understood it in a way we never would of thought of and that almost didnt make sense but it was obvious that the Spirit was working. then she cried some more, talked some more, commited herself to come to church sunday, and thanked us for coming and we left. lol it was super funny for us because we literally hadnt dont anything"! we didnt even extend the committment!!! but anyway, it was a reminder that God puts us where He needs us and we are really just instruments in His hands, or at least that is the goal :)
also sunday we went with one of the stake presidents counselors to visit Jorge and we ended up teaching both his parents too (we hadnt even talked to his dad really before!!). they are super catholic and never were super interested but his dad ended up telling us all about his experiences with God and that he feels like he is far from God and needs to get closer. it was an awesome lesson. walking around all day in the rain was totally worth it for that lesson. it rained supppper hard this weekend, so much that half the people didnt come to church becasue all the streets were flooded and such. turns out when it rains, everyone feels sorry for us and invites us into their houses to feed us sweets and fried stuff. we ended up having to eat so much food that we were up vomiting last night again. haha too much love for the missionaries:P  
but we are doing awesome and it was a great week :)
love and miss you all!!

happy birthday BJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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