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Week 48-June 29, 2015

Week 48-June 29, 2015

hey everyone!
sounds like everyone is doing well this week!! sounds like the movie was good and that everyone is enjoying technology and everyone has cell phones now :P thats fun. i learned a lot this week and lots of cool stuff happened here. changes meeting was today but president let us stay together another change and didnt take me out of el manzano :))) super happy about that! also they are putting alarms in our houses now..haha  and the mission is getting alot smaller so they are combining lots of sectors and this change not a single hermana arrived...kinda sad to have less hermanas but the mission is still big. we are super excited to go to the temple this change with victoria and fernanda and jorge, we just are trying to find names for them to baptize...
this week i learned about the chains of Satan a little and why our mission is different from lots of others, especially in south america. we visited a inactive brother who knows TONS of doctrine and i learn from him everytime we go. basically he doesnt go to church because of some stuff that happened to his wife and he chose to stay home with her when she stopped going because they are sealed in the temple and he sees it as a loyalty to her. but anyway, he told us that recently he has started feeling what the BoM describes as the chains of Satan when it talks abou t the feeling of "everythings good in Zion" and a lack of feeling among members. like when it talks about the nephites who rebeled and afterwards were even harder in their hearts than the lamanites becasue they had had so much knowledge before. anyway, he said he has started to not feel anything. things that were important to him before have started to not be important and such. conclusion, he realized that is exactly what Satan does and decided he has to come back and take the sacrament. it was a really interesting lesson becasue its true. our misison here involves a LOT of looking for people who inactivated and who now are even harder hearted than investigators towards the gospel. after making covenants and leaving them, its even harder to return and to feel the Spirit sometimes.also if you made the covenant without even knowing what you were doing.. but anyway, its was an interesting lesson. 
also we had divisions this week and i got to go back to my old sector for a day. it was awesome to see the people there :))) made me feel super lucky to have gotten to be part of the peoples lives there.
also we had a concert sunday that the mission did and lots of the missionaries sang. we had almost a thousand people there and the Spirit was so strong, both Felipe and Jorge who came with us cried :P but Jorge was so excited, he asked me as soon as we left, whens the next one?! unfortunately the next one is for christmas :P but it was awesome. i also got to see more members from my last sector there and that was super fun. we are still helping felipe quit smoking and understand and remember the things we teach, but he is super receptive to the Spirit, so anything can happen. :)
its pretty cold here now and i finally got to buy new tights today so im happy about that :)
anyway, here is my fav scripture for the week. 3 nephi 9:20. what are we willing to sacrifice for the Lord? how are we showing our love for Him and our gratitude for the sacrifice He already did for us? 

but ya, hope everyone has a fantastic week and love and miss you all!!!

btw i dont have rabies so thats good :) and i dont know what i had last week, probably just food poisoning.  we are also having a drought here, so its not just california. also i heard about the supreme court ruling...dang it...

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