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Week 47-June 22, 2015

Week 47-June 22, 2015

haha i feel like now  ill probably write even less because i want to read taylors emails :P 
anyway, sorry i didnt write much last week. i was dying basically. finally my companion made me call the mission nurse after a few days and she got pretty worried because basically the hermana who died in argentina died from dehydration from the same thing so that kind of freaked me out. but its all better now. lots of gatorade and imodium later :P also a dog bit me this week but it was my own fault. its super tiny so we chose not to get the 5 shots you are supposed to get and hopefully i wont get rabies :P haha no but im doing great again. this morning i said i wanted my favorite cookies again (they are literally my addiction here) and hermana arango got excited because it means im back to normal :P it was a crazy week but good. funny story: we NEVER go without food. literallyi feel like Gods pet dog or something because if we are hungry, suddenly food appears. its the funniest thing but one of the blessings of being a missionary i guess, at least in chile :) but anyway, this has happened lots of times with food just appearing and such but the other night we were walking around at night going to a appt and a man who was smoking outside his house all of a sudden said, ay niñas!! ven! . we were pretty startled and we were in the more sketchy part so we both hesitated for a sec but then we  went over to him and he asked if we had eaten anything that night. we said no and he asked if he could give us bread. we said sure, of course and a few minutes later he cam out with sandwiches and apples for us. haha and that was it. then the other night we got to the house and while we were getting ready for bed Beatriz¨s son maxi called outside our house and had freshmade sopaipillas for us. haha they were delicious. being a missionary is the best food wise  :P 
anyway, Felipe is doing well but we are trying to help him move on from concentrating on his past so that he can quit smoking. he is kind of like a little kid in that he forgets things and such but he really wants to do the right thing and has TONS of faith, so we have lots of hope for him. Beatriz is doing well but she  is still waiting on a miracle that marcelo decides he wants to get married are the worst... we havent gone to the temple yet because we want Jorge to come too and they are still looking for names to bring. Fernanda is doing great and we are pretty sure she is now goiing to get married to our mission leader instead of go on a mission but we will see :P 
also recently our entire ward has been having a lot of problems and everyone in inactivating so now we are visiting lots of ¨flotantes¨or people who dont come to church for a couple weeks or such and we need to go remotivate them. but we have been having lots of success with that and have gotten closer to the members, so thats cool :)
favorite scripture of the week. D&C 18:10-13

HAPPY FATHERS DAY Dad!!!!! you are seriously the best and i dont know who i would be or where i would be without you. i love you TONS hope you had a fantastic day :)

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