Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 11-Oct. 13, 2014

Week 11--Oct. 13, 2014

anyway heres my week since i dont have a ton more time :
we did a lot of contacting this week because we desperately need new investigators and didnt have a ton of success but we are being patient. Hna osterloh has had like two companions go home early because of back problems, so she is a big believer in working hard, but at a reasonable pace lol .. so now we get chocolate or some sort of snack every 9 rejections :P it makes things more fun... (there are tiny little corner stores owned and run by people living there on almost every corner).we got to start our english class this week, which i was really excited about. we only had one student because we hadnt announced it yet, but she was an 18 yr old girl that the elders are teaching (with her family) and it turned out to be super fun and it sounds like her family might get baptized so thats awesome :) it was pretty funny though becuse the elders have been having tons of sucess and now we are spending our time helping with their investigators :P but its all good, it was pretty fun to teach someone english.a also we met a family contacting the other day who wanted to come to the class and i think they will come this week but we stopped by to visit them and they are awesome. unfortunately the mom has already been taught by missionaries and was honest with us in saying she isnt really interested, but is happy for her family to come to our class and such and they are super nice. maybe one of her two daughters will be interested or her husband. her 9 yr old daughter who is super shy gave me one of the bracelets she made :) super sweet.
also im learning to develop a fear of men. my comp has a deeply ingrained wariness of men in general now lol and is constantly worried about me when i say hola to men on the street or something. we get a lot of creepy man whistling or making kissing noises or calling out when we pass and i have learned (with her help) to not look or respond in any way lol its been somewhat entertaining. i feel super ignorant sometimes cuz i will say hi to someone on the street while we pass and they will start talking to us and ask us where we live and such and my comp has to walk quickly away so that ill catch the hint and follow lol. also we taught a lesson to this guy the other day who decided to confess his experiences cheating on his wife with us, including a lot of details and such that we didnt want to know and we had to bail out of the lesson quickly. obviously my companion was the one who said we had to leave suddenly because i was just trying to figure out what he was pretty entertaining. anyway i am learning never to trust any of the males here i guess...
but overall i am doing well and can understand so much more every day and i am starting to really feel comfortable talking to people without my companion by my side to help. so that has been exciting!
in general, its fun to be so fully involved in something so important. its weird to have your entire life revolve around the work. rewarding though when old women tell you that you are their angels or little girls give you bracelets :P i cant wait to have real success with an investigator that wasnt already basically a member when i got here ( like Sara) haha ..we are praying for a miracle to help Jocelyn..we arent sure how to help her depression but maybe we will have success soon :)
love and miss you all! i will try and send pictures...

Ashley and Hermana Osterloh in District T-shirts!=)

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