Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 10-Oct. 6, 2014

Week 10-Oct. 6, 2014

as for my week..
tuesday we did service for one of our investigators, who we are no longer teaching because she didnt really have any desire to read or pray, but it was fun to do something different. we helped her clean her house and i washed her dog :P it was such a mess and literally had dreadlocks in its fur, so i took scissors and sawed dreadlocks and washed it and that was fun :P i love scrubbing and washing things, especially animals haha we also got to visit Pablo, the 17 yr old boy we found that was inactive. he makes us so happy cuz he is so sincere and told us coming back to church had made him feel more ¨complete¨ and he is praying for peace in his home, which is inspiring coming from a teenage guy..he also always buys chocolate milk (there is no real milk here reallly) and cookies for us ..haha 
tuesday and wednesday we had tons of lessons and our people were doing fantastic and we were on fire! but then thursday we had was a loonngg day of knocking doors basically all day and no one would answer and the only people who really talked to us answered because they wanted to practice their english with us (which is always funny haha). But there were a few potentials, so we will see what happens. at night i pet one of the dogs in the park and so it and its friend decided to follow us the rest of the night and as we went running the next morning and it made us so frustrated because the dogs would make all the dogs at the houses bark like crazy and it made it impossible to talk to people the rest of the night...but basically we came home sunburned, my foot was bleeding from a blister, and we were freezing cold. haha so we made chocolate chip pancakes...haha
friday we ran into a jehovah witness, of which there are tons here, but we didnt know who she was until she started asking us allll kinds of questions and accusing us of not knowing God because we didnt know the Bible and such,... it was kind of crazy. she wouldnt even tell us what religion she was but we knew. its very good that i cant speak spanish well becuase i would have a really hard time not arguing with people like that....its completely pointless because conversion is by the Spirit but its hard not to get defensive of what you know is true. a similar event happened yesterday when a lady and a man in the street that we contacted told us that Joseph Smith story was impossible. it was right after conference and i thought of the talk about Joseph Smith being known for good and bad and had to take a deep breath and testify and walk away..haha
as for conference, we watched it live and in english! (its just 3 hours later here so it was at 1 and 5 oclock). i was so grateful we got to watch in english because there is no way i would have gotten as much out of it in spanish..there are just so many good one liners and beautiful wordings that the general authorities, who are fantastic speakers, use that i would have missed in spanish. and yes the different languages were fun :) we watched in the stake center, where they show it for everyone in spanish, but we were upstairs in a room watching it with all the gringo missionaries in english ...
anyway, hope this week goes well for everyone! love and miss you all!

All the Hermanas in my District....

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