Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 9-Sept. 29, 2014

Week 9-Sept. 29, 2014

ok here goes my email...
this week was kind of intense again because of the noche de blanco (night of baptisms). i already told you we fasted last sunday for more success and we had another meeting with our zone on tuesday and basically our zone leaders are crazy lol they basically just lectured us like crazy about how we should baptize 40 people sat and the mission changed the rules for church attendance before baptism so that we could invite everyone to be baptized this month before they send the numbers to salt was kind of weird for me because i feel like we have so many menos activos and such that we really shouldnt be baptizing people unless they are really ready and committed, but maybe i just lack faith haha  but we fasted again tuesday like they told us too and challenged our investigador (the one that needs to get married) again to get baptized, this time for this last saturday. she of course said she still needs more time to decide what to do about her partner but she told us more about her fears about marriage and stuff and we were able to help her i think so it was good. she is a better member already than lots of the members of the ward! haha comes to church each week in a skirt with a notebook to take notes and reads her scriptures every day and attends all the meetings during church, its pretty funny... also her partner came to the baptism night with her to watch with her which was awesome since he has never been interested! we also had one of our other investigators there, but she wont read the BOM so we might have to stop visiting her soon...which is sad because she is obviously a lonely old lady and could talk to us alllll day. seriously the chilean people love to talk. we never have problems getting them to talk or tell us things about their lives and lots are just happy to chat with someone. The trick is to get them to talk about the gospel and listen to us teach :P the other problem of chile is that basically every family we visit has problems with the men in the family. none of them will come to church and so many of them have problems with violence in the home and adultery. so many of the ones we meet with are cheating on their wives or on trial for domestic violence or something. i have no idea how to help them :/ ...also its totally normal to be a young single mom. they all have kids and are either just living with the dad or are single. we have one investigator that has been really exciting for us because she was not at all interested at first but is friends with a menos activo family we are also visiting and has been going through some hard times and the hermana from the family told her to listen to us and so she has been meeting with us and came to church yesterday with the family and brought her little son! the daughter of the menos activo family is her age and had not been active at all until this started happèning and now she is coming too and helping our investigator (her friend) and even brought her pololo yesterday to church too! fun to see how missionary work can help members too... (also pololo basically means boyfriend, its my fav spanish word right now haha, its even a verb-pololear haha basically means to date someone or go on dates) but anyway it was a good week and basically all of our menos acitvos came to church so that was amazing!
im doing well and the food is good ( just kind of painful because you dont get to serve yourself so they give you soooo much food, so thats hard because you have to eat it all or you will offend them) and my companion is great and my legs are holding up with all the walking, so thats good :P
this week is conference and we are excited and hopefully we will get to listen in english! womens conf was in spanish...elder holland just isnt as powerful through a spanish translator...not the same. so grateful to speak english haha
i got a new camera but dont have a lot of pics yet so i will try to send some but these computers take forever....
love and miss you all!

first pic is the view from our apt! love it!! second is my comp and i :) haha not the best pic but i needed something to send :P

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