Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week 5-Sept. 2, 2014-Ashley's Birthday!!

Week 5-Sept. 2, 2014-Ashley's Birthday!!

so this week was good, not a ton happened and i dont have much time but thanks for all the emails!! i love love love my district and we are all getting cabin fever from being locked in the CCM so by the time night comes along all the guys are making animal noises and cracking jokes and we are all telling first kiss stories and laughing..we have all lost it. im seriously going to miss them though and im crazy freaked out about going into the field next week...i can teach lessons in spanish and understand when people talk slow but out in the real world i dont know what people are saying :(
oh well, pray for me haha
also we switched companionships this week becasue the brazilians went to the latino district, so lots of tears..but hna lopez hna smolak and i are an awesome trio and i love them to death :) we commited one of our fake investigators to baptism and it was awesome :)
also more about my district..ive learned why marriage is important lol...,guys need girls to get anything done, but when there are just girls, they take life WAY too seriously and its no fun at all..haha there is a district of almost all girls and they are super quiet and have frequent crying
for my birthday i got cookies from Hna Doll this morning and then got sang to in spanish and then for pday we went to mcdonalds for american ice cream :P and took our first taxi! (so fun!)  thanks for all the gifts!! and the card almost made me cry so thanks for all the love :) i may or may not get a pday next week so i have no idea when i will be on again but i love you all!
 miss you!

haha thanks for the birthday wishes and pictures!! lol
haha sounds like you guys´life is just as busy as always...
taylor will be fine..the first few days r tough but once school starts and he meets his ward, he will be fantastic..its just hard before that for sure.
i leave the ccm next tuesday and might not get a pday next week, but i will say more in my big email....

haha its ok i forgive you...i was surprised to not find a email from you but its ok :)
sounds like everyone is doing fantastic! 
taylor will be so great at BYU, i cant wait to hear about it!
lydia got williams for bio?! haha tell her to have fun learning about the menstrual cycle...thats the only lecture he gives lol
thats awesome that natalie gets to teach YW..i wish i could have come to one of her sure they are awesome!
Tell mandy good luck at her meet!! did she get my letter? also i might not get another chance to say happy birthday so tell her that for me too!!
sounds like BJ will have a great year :) maybe he will like school more this year :P
how did moving taylor into BYU go?!
love, ashley

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