Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 6/7--Leaving the CCM/In the Field!

Week 6-Sept. 9, 2014-Going to the Field

Ashley with new trainer, Sister Osterloh from Sandy, Ut, and Pres and Sis Barrierros.  Going to area 5 de Abril??
No email today...

Week 7--In the Field!

ok so im almost out of time because of all the emails about grandma so now i will tell you guys everything and hopefully get everything in... 
so hopefully they sent you the letter i wrote last week? scanned it or whatever..
so my trainer is from sandy utah, super nice, and a hardworking missionary but chill enough that i dont feel stressed out or hurried all the time like i did on splits. she is almost done and goes home after she trains me :Pshe speaks english of course and even goes running with me!
we live in the best apartment ever! i love love love it haha its on the seventh floor of a complex with an awesome view and TONS of space (we each have our own bathroom with a shower :P)
We visit tons of less actives here because like 70 percent of the wards are inactive so we have to visit all of them and bug them to go to church haha but they are fun to visit. they always give us food though :/ and the first thing the women in relief society said when i introduced myself on sunday was that they were going to make me oh great...the food is good and basically we never have to cook or even buy groceries becuase everyone gives us fruit and snacks when we visit :P
unfortunately we are not even allowed to listen to EFY music that made me sad :( but oh well i guess i will learn to love Motab.
i also had to introduce myself and give my testimony in church which was kind of terrifying in spanish..haha but it went ok, i feel like i can understand alot i just still have to figure out how to say everything. and i cant always understand old people..they mumble and talk fast...we finally got a baptism date yesterday with an investigator but i didnt really understand anything she said because she is a little old lady haha who loves to talk and have someone just listen , we barely got our lesson in :P
also the ward has SO many little kids! ..haha there were so many toddlers running around during the entire meeting, it was fun to watch :P so different than arcadia...
our sector is pretty wealthy, it is made up of lots of little houses right next to each other with TONS of dogs and a fence in front of every house. google map it if you can :P its by the Maipu catholic temple or something..haha
i want to send more pictures but it takes FOREVER to upload them on this computer, so i will send more next week maybe
love and miss you all ! 

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