Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 4-August 26, 2014

Week 4-August 26, 2014

Hi everyone!!
sounds like you are all doing well! 
this week was just like the other ones...same old class and spanish and such. we went to the temple again and that was awesome. I never thought i would love the temple so much...
To answer mom´s questions more, yes the president of the CCM is always around but we have yet to meet our mission president. We write letters to Pres Doll (the CCM pres) every week about our week and accomplishments and such and this last week i was struggling to not feel homesick and to feel like i am supposed to be here and wrote that that was my biggest challenge in the letter and he actually called me into his office to talk about it. I was amazed to realize that he took the time to carefully read and think about each of the hundred missionaries letters and make sure everyone is doing well. We talked about how i am never sure when i am feeling the Spirit or just my own opinion and how i wished i could be more sure that this is where i am supposed to be. We talked about how i had already received confirmations of my decision when i was excited when i got my call and such and he quoted the scripture from d&c 4 that says everyone who has a desire to serve is called to the work. It really helped me realize that i am in fact called to be here and will have His help as I serve.
Hna Smolak and i taught the lesson in RS about the Atonement this week and the english class only has 5 girls in it, so it ended up being a really fantastic discussion.It was also really interesting to prepare it with Hna Smolak and here her perspective on things. I love talking about the Savior.
We are losing our two brazilians after today because they are going to the latino class :( they are already fluent since portugese is so similar to spanish...i will miss singing Frozen songs every morning with Hna Montes and having life talks with Hna Ribeiro in my broken spanish...Hna Ribeiro and i love looking out our window at night and watching other people in their apartments with their families and such. helps when we are homesick :P
One of the customs here is to kiss people on the cheek when you greet them and that is still something i am getting used to :P I am not a very touchy person so its been funny to try and feel comfortable doing that all the time....
I don´t know if i ever mentioned it but there are lots of stray dogs here and we witnessed a dog fight on saturday. The elders were all so excited haha also apparently naked drunk people run around on the streets at night, like on sunday...so that happens here too...lol also a favorite of the elders..
 and then Sat night there was a temblor, or mini earthquake! we were all sitting in a circle in class talking and the ground started shaking and shook for about 30 seconds...apparently it was a 6.4 on their scale (which is a 12 point scale)! It was the strongest one theyve had since a real earthquake in 2000 (i think?). Most of the other missionaries were crazy excited because they are all from utah and it was their first earthquake ever ..while those of us from california just laughed haha but it was pretty exciting since we felt the entire thing. Unfortunately we were in the basement of the building so we didnt feel it as much as we would have if we had been higher up... 
we will probably feel many more earthquakes in the next 18 months, which will be fun :) 
also mom, remember when you told me something about the Schroeppels (i dont know how to spell that..) knowing someone here? I found him! haha their nephew, Mikah Singson is in my district! haha i asked him about it one time cuz he reminds me of the schroeppel boys. 
well thats it for now i guuess, sorry its all so random and scattered :P and my grammar is terrible...oh well  haha
love and miss you all and cant wait to hear about taylor going to BYU and school starting again and i hope i get to chat with you guys next tuesday for my birthday :) dont know what the schedule will be tho...
love u !

                                                     Ashley's district in the CCM
​Hna montes always tells me, ´¨no tocar el perro!!¨¨ haha its our joke now because i always want to touch the dogs but they are dirty and can be dangerous i guess....haha

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