Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 2--August 12, 2014

Week 2-August 12, 2014

so much to say and answer and so little time!
did you guys take my present and flowers to christie for her bday?! i forgot to remind was the 5th
this week has been long too,  but not as long. we get up at 6:45 and study and eat and go to the park and exercise and then have class from 10am to 10pm...i didnt even know days could be so long...we are here for 6 weeks because we didnt speak spanish coming in, the latinos are only here for 2 weeks. We only get to leave the temple and CCM grounds for pday and to go to the park...i feel like a dog in a backyard sometimes, especially when they dont let us go to the park haha
but we got to go to the temple last wed and that was super good  :) if you want to see where i am, google map the santiago temple and im in the bldg behind it :P ive been to the temple three times now at three different temples!
there are 8 elders and 5 sisters in my district, i feel so old because all the guys are 18 and think im ancient..wish i had gone on a mission last year..but oh well :) i probably would have been crazy homesick. Sundays are the only days we get to speak english mostly and sometimes we get cookies and such, which makes it feel like home. We have mashed potatoes and meat or rice and meat every single meal except breakfast, which is bread and eggs. The hot chocolate is amazing tho :)
We finally figured out the  voltage here so we can charge our ipods and stuff, but we still cant plug in hair dryers or straighteners cuz they will fry. We fried a curling iron and my alarm clock, even after the president explained everything. we were so scared to plug in the ipod and try haha I joked about how my first instinct is to call my dad and ask, even though he isnt an electrician or anything :P i just assume dad knows everything..
we usually get pday tues 10-1 our time and write our families from 12-1, but i think it will change next week because the last group just left and we are changing teachers and such
also mom, you should cancel so so so sorry u had to deal with all that craziness from the walking company and the police dept! thats so weird that they stopped bugging me about the ticket but no one even got the money!
thats exciting that lydia is getting her permit!! and tell taylor good luck at BYU!!! he will have SOOOO much fun...remind him to do some school, too ;) i wish i could be there with him...
yes there are 5 girls in our room and yes im at the CCM, there are about 100 missionaries at the CCM, although a bunch left today and a new bunch come tomorrow...yes you can send me stuff and hopefully i will get it in the next 4 weeeks :) the president and his wife live in the room next to us and are very nice, although they make me never want to be called as a mission presidents wife or would be crazy hard to give up retired life and move to another country for 3 years!
i will try to label people in my next pic...
my companions are all good, hna smolak and hna ribeiro and i are getting better at teaching lessons more unitedly and i have to translate Hna Ribeiro´s spanish less often for Hna Smolak since she is getting so much better at spanish :)

i miss the beach so much! and i miss school and home! i have gotten way more homesick than i thought i would...but its ok i just have to take it one day at a time and stay positive.
you can forward my emails to anyone you want if they specifically ask to get them. I dont care :)
love you all!

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