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Week 3-August 19, 2014

Week 3--August 19, 2014

this hour seriously feels like a race lol we all race in and type as fast as we can...but i will try to say everything..sounds like letters take about 2 weeks and packages 6 weeks so maybe i will write more in letters....
sounds like everyone is doing great! loved hearing about everything....
This week was crazier because everyone got sick and when one person gets sick when we are locked in one tiny room for 12 hours a day, EVERYONE gets it ..haha Hna Lopez was so sick she needed a blessing and was miserable :( i just got a sore throat and a cold. We also had some drama because our new teachers for our 3-4 weeks are facing the challenge of teaching to a class where half the kids dont understand if they speak spanish and two girls don´t understand if they speak english...its kind of crazy. Our Brazilian companions were pretty mad at a couple of the teachers for not saying everything in spanish so they felt left out...i think its ok now though, they worked it out after some arguments and tears..
Two of our teachers barely speak any english at all..which is interesting. its incredibly hard to teach spanish grammar in spanish to kids who speak english..
We dont get much time to practice teaching since our district is so big, but we have gotten way more united as a companionship and teach better than ever! :)
One group left this week and a new group came, so they moved people around in the rooms and moved Hna Lopez and Hna Montes out of our room, which is nice because then there are only three girls to a shower instead of five, but we miss them and it was fun being in the same room :(
We didn´t get to go to the park a bunch of days this week and that was hard...ive never wanted to just go running more in my life. also its difficult because my companions arent big fans of running, so i run laps around them in the parking lot or while they play frisbee haha
Sundays are the best, we get to sleep in 15 minutes and have devotionals and lots of study time and cookies at FHE at night. Its the best :P except for sacrament mtg everyone has to prepare a talk and the president just calls up random people. kind of nerve-wrecking!
The food is good, just TONS of carbs...and sometimes its kind of weird and half the time we dont know what we are eating...lol They have started doing American food fridays and feeding us hamburgers and fries, which everyone was crazy excited about at first, but then we realized the hamburgers are terrible and the french fries are soggy and it just makes you miss In N Out more...:P
and no, we dont know of any adapters that work for hair products....the one i have works for the ipods tho :) we have just been borrowing the Brazilians´.
Ive had some minor headaches, but not much. We get to be with all the other missionaries during a lot of the 10 minute breaks we get throughout the day and during the meals, although we go in shifts. On Sundays we are all together a lot of the day, except that for devotionals they have a Spanish room and an English room, so our Brazilian companions go to the spanish room and all the americans get to speak in english most of the day. its pretty nice after so much spanish ..
The president is always around and he even sat with us at lunch today. His wife is usually around, too.
Pdays we get three hours, one of which we are scheduled to talk to family.The other two we can explore the city. I wish i had brought my boots,but  it doesnt actually rain that much and this weekend was beautiful and warm! Its more chilly today again though. 
We go to the temple every other week, so we are going again tomorrow. Ya its TINY temple compared to LA. Maybe the size of redlands...
I saw Sister Calderon when she brought a family of investigators to the temple this week! i dont think she saw me though...
by the way, feel free to censor or just put important stuff on the emails you forward or post...thanks :P
and no i have not gotten any mail yet..did you send it to the mission or the CCM?
love you all! miss you!!
                                            Hermana Smolak and Hermana Ribiero

The Chile Training Center (CCM)

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