Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 68-November 17, 2015

Week 68-November 17, 2015

oh my gosh i almost had a hard attack when i read that first sentence.. wow its crazy to think about seeing you guys. and you guys coming to chile. its a lot to think about. im just going to go back to knocking doors because it stresses me out to think about the real world....haha 
also keep in mind its going to be SUPER HOT when you guys come. wow ok im going to keep thinking about all this....

ya benjamin!!! sounds like everyone is kicking butt playing soccer!!

ok so i kind of lost track of the emails but here is my email for this week¨:
this week was awesome!
 question, dad who is manual mercado and victor?
this week rachel and fransisca accepted the baptism date of the 28th of november and ariel and silvia too!! we have the 4 for that weekend. all kinds of miracles. and the four of them came to church and juan, rachels husband too!!!! we really want to find him when he isnt working and teach him too because he is super receptive and wants to find his faith again. 
we also found a few news this week who are super awesome. also the members here are fantastic. they all want to help us and accompany us and we are finally not having problems with obedience because they have been helping us leave lunch in less than an hour and its been great. anyway, i spent all my time today reading and copying pictures from my camera so i cant write more but i love you all tons and have a great week! 
i dont know if i already send it but my fav scripture this week is moroni 9:6.,...

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