Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 66-November 3, 2015

Week 66-November 3, 2015

so my week was aweome. super crazy but liek mom said, i love to have lots to do. saturday we were literally running everywhere, from the temple to one baptism to the next, we barely ate lunch but it was awesome. Daniela finally got baptized in Rinconada and it was a beautiful baptism. also Farack got baptized in los heroes! she was also a miracle. cool story, the day of her interview we visited her and she said she didnt really want to be baptized so we talked a lot and then we told her to pray and ask if she should be bapttized. she prayed there with us , asking if she should be mormon, and then waiting afterwards with her eyes closed. then she said she would keep thinking and go to the interview that night and let us know.we left and then returned that night and she walked out of her house and said that she had thought about it and that she was going to be baptized! haha it was seriously a miracle. we didnt do anything at all. she passed her interview great and her mom and sister and neighbor came to her baptism. one of the priests from the ward baptized her and then her boyfriend came sunday for her confirmation :) unfortunately hermano bustos didnt pass his interview because he is still smoking and drinking coffee and then he told us he doesnt want to keep participating... it was a little weird, but maybe he will be ready later on.
anyway, we did baptisms for the dead on halloween with nicolas and karina from rinconada and bastian, another friend of nicolas. pretty ironic :P then we handed out glowsticks (thanks mom!) all night and found a new family to teach! :) 
changes are tomorrow and im staying here but hna galeano is leaving and hna harden will go back to her sector with a new comp.
love and miss you all and have a fantastic week!!!

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