Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 65--October 27, 2015

Week 65--October 27, 2015
 so i only have like 20 min to write today and the most important to me was to read your emails so i cant write much at all butits been a good week. its super fun working in two secotors in a trio, lots of work!! running all the time. but we have possibly 3 baptisms this saturday :) Farack and Eliu in los heroes and Daniela in Rinconada (a investigator of lots of time that finally made the decision to get baptized and is way excited :)) 
anyway, i will send pics next week and hope you are all welll. love you tons!!! enjoy your halloween!!!!
also i had to buy a new retainer too because my top one broke. but its a new plastic version thats way better and only cost like 45 dollars (instead of 180 at home!!)
anyway, ill write more next week. haev a great weeek!!
hermana jensen

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