Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 39-April 27, 2015

Week 39-April 27, 2015
hahahhaha i couldnt help but bust up laughing about the food situation. i can only imagine dad and the little girls trying to feed college boys and not knowing what to you guys should just tell them to go but in and out and order pizza :P haha but sounds like a party there..
sounds like mom enjoyed the wedding. id love to see pics :)
my week was good. we taught the law of chastity to beatriz and her husband and talked about them getting married and turns out he just doesnt think marriage is important but we talked and he said he was willing to do it for his family. it was an awesome lesson. we are trying to be more direct and we really pulled it off. it was also one of the first lessons when i felt like the Spirit was actually putting the words in my mouth and i said things i wouldnt have thought of myself. it was cool. then beatriz and her son came to a noche de hogar that we had with the wardfriday and then to church sunday!! it was awesome. also we challenged jorge to baptism again and he acepted for this saturday!! we agreed to fast with him tomorrow so that he can feel a confirmation of what he is doing from God. he also came to church but only for the sacrament because he was studying all night. but anyway, we are super excited for his baptism saturday!! he is a great guy and we keep promising him a temple marriage with a great LDS girl if he gets baptized :P 
also i got the easter card! thanks!!! and i think a package you guys sent arrived but i forgot to pick it up so now i have to wait another week and a half... 
oh also we had interviews with president this week so that was good. he is an amazing guy. 
and to answer what dad said about the Spirit, thats an interesting thought but honestly im not sure i would want that. the thing about the Spirit always telling you what you need to get better at is that you are more aware of your weaknesses than ever before. i think that has been one of the hardest things about the mission for me. there are constantly a million things you have to improve and so many ways you fall short every day and as a missionary you are acutely aware of it. also there is always stress about the numbers and sometimes it can be hard to feel like you are really serving the people. sometimes i feel like i am just desperately trying to convince them that the LDS church has the authority of God and they usually dont understand. But i know its also hard to see the big picture. i know its because God wants me to grow and be a stronger and better person. and ive learned so much. sooooo much. my testimony has grown and i understand the doctrine of the restoration so much better.  We dont actually understand all the blessings of the gospel i think. like really what does is mean to be an eternal family? or why is baptism with the right authority really so important? these are things i learn more about every day but i think i could study it my whole life and still not completely understand it. i just know they are important and that if God said we should want it, we should listen to Him. He made the Plan. anyway, those are my thoughts for this week. love and miss you all!! 
also about mothers day. i think we are going to try and talk at 5 our time the 9th (saturday). i think that is 2 your time but you should probably verify...if that doesnt work, just let me know. we just cant do it sunday because we have to pay for the servir and its the sabbath...

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