Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 37-April 13, 2015

Week 37-April 13, 2015

im goinng to write first a little before reading. this week we have really been trying to help our investigators with baptism dates so we have been visiting them tons and Jorge came to church yesterday!!! it was awesome. he is totally going to get baptized. Veronica was out of town or something this weekend so we havent seen her in a while but we will find her pronto.. we are also teaching a woman who needs to get married and this week we have been visiting her every day and even her husband participated when he was there and she started crying in the prayer because she was so happy he was there. we told her last night about the law of chastity and such and she told us she wants to change her life and repent. shes awesome :) her name is Beatriz. we have two other families with lots of promise that we visited this week and planned family home evenings with them this week with other members and menos activos so we are excited for that! Hermana Arango is awesome. i prayed for a Latina companion and got a Spanish profesor! haha she is helping me tons and is great :) 

no i didnt get the easter card yet..just the package i think...
and no if we are actually dying we dont have to go out but i took a lot of ibuprofen and we had to go to some appts and coordination.
and i have taught joseph smith and the first vision at least 2 or 3 times every day for 8 months :P haha lots ...
and ya i think you found it in google maps..haha thats the limit of our sector. 
anyway, wow sounds like you guys had quite the adventure camping!!  love and miss you all!

Our district leader and the missionary he is training (the gringo)

part of our sector

downtown Santiago getting hermana damian's visa

our house

one part of our sector

la zona

reunion de cambios hermana arango

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