Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 38-April 20, 2015

Week 38-April 20, 2015
looks like everyone is doing well!! good to hear!
this week was good for us too. we recieved a reference of a menos activa who when we stopped by was super excited to see us and to come to church again. we invited her for sunday (the next day) and she came! even though it was freezing cold and cloudy and 9 in the morning! haha also another menos activa told me i look like scarlett johannson...haha i love the chileans. they compliment you, insult you, but at least they always tell the truth.:P also we are teaching a lady named victoria gonzalez and she told us this week she wants to get baptized but when she found out you have to go to church EVERY sunday she was a little worried. its frustrating when something so little scares people off. but anyway it was funny because she told us she had been watching TV and the He Lives video we have been sharing with everyone came up in youtube, out of nowhere, two times! haha she watched it, felt something ¨caliente en la guata¨ (the Spirit lol -how she describes it every time we come) and said ¨Que Querì!?¨ to God. lol oh chilenos. they use slang in the tu form with como estaì and que querì and such. anyway, it was super funny to laugh about how in old times God sent Moses to a mountain to talk to him and gave him stone tablets with the commandments and now he talks through youtube and watsApp...haha 
also there is a house in our sector with like 8 cats outside always and i think i mentioned it last week but if not its super funny but they put a sign outside saying ^por favor no dejar gatos , es casa no pension de animales^ haha but basically the idea of people leaving their cats in this patio of this house with a man who lives solo with his brother is super funny. i will send pics :P then you can see what we laugh about during the day while walking around for hours haha. 
also Beatriz is awesome. last night we had a lesson with her and she started crying and told us that she was studying the Book of Mormon and wants to keep learning and follow this path but then told us all about how she has problems with depression and bipolar disordor and that one time some evangelicos blessed her or something to take out the bad spirit that was in her and she is better now but she knows it will be hard for her to keep going with this. but she really wants to. so we testified a lot of Gods love and His power to heal us and help us along the path and with our weaknesses and it was amazing how strong the Spirit was. then she asked us if it was a sin that she was living with her pareja because it had come to her mind one day. we had planned to teach the law of chastity last night and it was cool to see how when people feel the Spirit they want to be better and know what they need to change, the Spirit tells them. she told us she wants to get married but her pareja no, so we will be praying a lot and such so that he changes his mind. also she told us that when we are there, she forgets about all her problems and feels peace and that when we leave it goes back to normal. its amazing to think that if we are obedient and diligent and beg for the Spirit, it comes. God can use us to give peace to others, even for just a few minutes. 
anyway, im doing well and love you all!

​a part of our sector we just discovered might be ours!! campo!! gorgeous!

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