Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 25-January 19, 2015

Week 25-January 19, 2015

wow sounds like the most exciting thing this week was taylors mission call! haha and why didnt he skype while opening it? haha oh taylor... 
but i hope natalies bday was awesome!! glad she got my card!! send one today for lydia...hope it gets there..
anyway i fought with my camera for like 20 minutes today during our time in internet so now i have less time to write AND it still isnt working to send pictures...oh well. maybe you guys wont see any more pictures of my mission., :P 
also the guy next to me keeps asking me stuff and complimenting me so thats awkward and distracting. especially when i cant understand young men very well... haha one of the sisters said one time that she doesnt try to look good anymore, she tries to look more ugly because then less men yell at her. lol me too. i never do my hair anymore :/  also im offically blond. the man cutting my hair told me so. but i guess its nice to know that no matter how much weight i gain, there will still be people here that shout things at us in the

this week was a little harder for me personally. ive been pretty frustrated about the lack of baptisms in this sector and trying to figure out what we are doing wrong. also i never realized how much a mission would try my faith and testimony. when we listen to people tell us it doesnt matter what church we are a part of, they are all the same, or that men are imperfect and so no church is right and such its hard to not let it get to you when you hear it 100 times a day. nobody actually understands our message or they listen to the first lesson of joseph smith and such and then tell us its no different that any other church.. what?! God came down from heaven in our day! haha. but my testimony is just fine, dont worry. haha just a little frustrating so i had a mini breakdown the other night and hna flores had to testify that YES there are prepared people waiting and suchy. but all is well now. sunday was a sunday of miracles! we had a inactive man named Juan come that we had randomly found the other day and he was so happy to see us and come to church again. we also had one of investigators come and he liked it! that was super cool. also we went to the baptism of Javiera (the girl i helped on divisions) and it was super awesome! the Spirit was super strong and she was so happy. 
so in the end, it was a good week :) 
anyway love and miss you all!

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