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Week 22-December 29,2014

Week 22-December 29, 2014

hi everyone!!
it was so fun to talk to you guys this week!!! i was so happy we finally found a computer and such :)
and yes dad we invite people to be baptized ALWAYS. haha almost every lesson, even if we dont even teach lesson 1. and sometimes in contacts too. haha but 1400 is a ton!! and ya every mission is different, like mom said. i would love to be able to serve for a week in a few other countries just to see what they are like  :P the people here have so much love and are very social and love to listen and let us in, but they have a hard time with commitments and sometimes convert for the missionaries or something, which i think probably doesnt happen as much in the states. 
anyway sounds like you all are doing well and that you all had tons of fun in big bear!
also toffee sounds like she is getting spoiled...haha}
this week we had a miracle when one of our menos activos came to church, all three hours. for the first time in like 10 years! it was awesome :)
and mom, maybe there are some fields nearby, but our sector is all houses  so we just run in the neighborhood next to our apartment :)
anyway, i just wanted to thank you all for everything. i just felt so so so grateful christmas day when i opened the package from you guys and knew i would get to talk to all of you and i just want to thank you all for your support and love and just everything. i just feel so lucky to have the life i have and a family like you guys. so thanks thanks thanks thanks for everything :)  
love and miss you all!!

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