Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 24-January 12, 2015

Week 24-January 12, 2015

hey everyone! sounds like everyone is doing well :)
this week was interesting for us. it was great and busy. but i like being busy, so it was good :)
today was change meeting and it was in English! haha that was fun. but president decided to call me out for something i had written in my email to him last week so that was interesting. the past few weeks weve had quite a few tests of our obedience. they say ¨obedience brings blessings and EXACT obedience brings miracles^ so we have been trying to be obedient with everything but it seems like the Lord is trying us to see how obedient we are willing to be...but we are excited because if we pass the test hopefully we will see some miracles in this sector! we certainly need some...
anyway we had a few experiences that left me wondering if we had done the right thing because our obedience had left a member crying and the elders mad at us and i ended up asking the president what he thought and he decided to answer me in front of the entire mission and to thank hna flores and i for our obedience. i wanted to hide and then afterwards i wanted to cry. it was an interesting experience..haha but we have been asking everyone about their ideas on what exactly is the ¨´spirit of the law´when it comes to mission rules. many people claim to follow it but hna flores says this is apostasy.haha pretty funny. anyway, does dad have an opinion? or mom? haha just curious...
but also, funny story, the other day in the street a man came up to us while we were contacting another man and shouted at me ´tu eres pobre?´¨ haha i was like, what? no! why? haha so he went on to tell me i didnt look like a gringa beacuse my shoes were viejos.he told me i couldnt be from the US because i was poor.  lol super funny. i guess my shoes are more of a disaster than i thought..haha he offered to give me shoes and i turned him down saying, no no no i have money i just like these ones! haha also im pretty sure i have a weird disease on my feet or something.maybe mom could look up athletes foot and how to cure it for me? haha
also im trying a new diet of mate, which is a weird herb drink they drink in south america that i really dont like but am forcing myself to get used to becuase it helps you lose weight :P we will see what happens..
also the other day was crazy because one of the menos activos that we visit had a panic attack and we had to leave in the morning from our pension because she posted on facebook that she was alone and needed help. it was kinda crazy. guess she had an arguement with her husband and was so stressed out about everything in her life than she collapsed. luckily the members beat us to her and were already helping when we arrived. it was super funny because all the ladies helping were like, sisters dont worry marriage is a good thing!. haha we decided God is trying to teach us something about men here or something. one of the main things ive learned in the mission is that men are bad and marriage is trying. haha
also im in the sector for another change with hna flores, so we are excited about that! :)
but anyway, glad everyone is good! love you all!!! miss you!

also if taylor gets his call someone needs to video it on their phone and send it to me!!!

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