Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 63-October 13, 2015

Week 63-October 13, 2015
hi family!!! sounds like everyone is doing great and kicking butt in soccer and dance and school and everything like always :) 
just a question..i havent been getting taylors emails, could you forward them to me? thanks
also thanks for all the letters!!!! thanks for the leters from san fransisco and the bracelet from lydia and such :)) you guys are the best. 
also it would be fantastic if mom could send me grandma and grandpa schramms info (address, names email address).. there is a family of members here that are applying for a visa to go live and study in canada and they asked my help to translate the forms and such from immigration and turns out it could help them a lot if they have some reference in canada, some member or person they know there. i offered grandma and grandpa maybe. im pretty sure nothing will happen, but if they call them they can just say they have a granddaughter who knows them and says theyre great :P  thanks!
anyway, i am doing well. it was a little bit of a stressful week but its all good.  my companion had a panick attack in a taxi and so that was interesting. i learned how to not stress out when someone is crying loudly because of pain and freaking out. maybe someday i will actually be able to be a doctor :P just kidding. it was crazy. also another hermana in our house had a panic attack this week. we are all way to stressed out i think. we were talking the other day and i realized missionary work has been the most stressful thing ive ever done in my life, even more than organic chemistry...haha

anyway eduardo and alice and her daughter came to church so that was awesome. we are going to teach them aain this week so that will be fun. we taught the entire family last week and it was awesome. they all understood everything and one of the sons said the prayer in the end and prayed to know if it was all true and commited his family to pray and the Spirit was there. so that was cool
then yesterday we were walking around ALL DAY until we finally got to have a lesson with a Jew we met the other day. so that was super legit. we learned a ton abut what they believe. they are super orthodox jews and the son, who we taught, speaks hebrew and everything. their house was like a temple, with special clothes  and lots of light and lots of white. pretty crazy. anyway, we talked about the book of mormon and how it was written to convince the jews and gentiles of Christ and he showed us how his bible that was translated from hebrew to spanish is more accurate than the one we have and we realized we should all really learn hebrew, or at least the prophets haha he is christian but had a lot of confusion regarding the plan of salvation, reincarnation and such. we taught a ton and learned a ton and testified a ton. we left way more certain that the Book of Mor mon is true and that we have tons in common with the Jews but they just need to read the book of mormon :P anyway, it helped us have a lot more encouragement to keep working and we fulfilled our mission to leave a book of mor mon in his house and he said he would read it :P maybe the entire house of Jews will feel the power of the BoM and be mormon :)
but ya so that was basically my week, im doing well and glad to hear you are all happy and well :)
love you tons!

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