Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 61--Sept. 29, 2015

Week 61--Sept. 29, 2015

yes i do speak in the wards sometimes. like every time we get changed and such. 
and i think i will get the package tomorrow.
sounds like it was a good week! weird to think its so hot there... but its starting spring here so its actually pretty hot here too.
and no i didnt see the broadcast because its too late for us here, they will record it and we will probably see it this weekend or something..hopefully. i never saw the last one haha
so excited for general conference!!
i sent pictures so now i dont have much time to write but hopefully you enjoy them. it was a good week. we had changes last week but we are staying where we are. but a new missionary came to live with us and its fun to have someone new to the mission in the house, although now we have to translate stuff to english sometimes :P 
Ricy is progressing awesome and Farack came to church again. spiritual experience of the week, when we taught Ricy, we had planned on teaching the word of wisdom again but she started talking about some problems and stress shes been having from her studies and such and  when we said the first prayer the scripture ether 12:27 came to my mind and we shared it with her and it ended up being suepr spiritual and seemed like it helped her a ton. i love the feeling the God can use me to help others feel His love. 
anywaylove you all and have a fantastic week!
hermana jensen
in the street on 18 (independence day)
and at night when we made cookies..
i tried to send a picture of
carrot tea but it wont let me now...we drink so many herbal teas here..sometimes one in every house when its raining. i hated them before but now im addicted :P

​my boots again....haha they only lasted like two months! but its ok winter is finally ending :P

​isidora one of the recent converts we visit :)

after a day of rain...

​asado chileno :)

at the ward bbq

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