Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 45-June 8, 2015

Week 45-June 8, 2015

wow sounds like everyone is doing well :) fun to hear about blake. so sorry for kylie :( dont give up on helping her! even if she gets sick of you, keep going! :P also congrats lydia on getting elected VP of chanteurs! and dont worry Natalie, just means you can get even better at everything else, too :P you have so many talents, you dont have time for just one! :P 
anyway, one of the things ive learned here is how to recognize when im feeling the Spirit. also that little kids feel the Spirit way more than everyone else..examples
Antonio (12) ¨me siento libre¨
Javier (6) ¨como Dios estuviera aqui¨¨relajado, casi dormido!¨haha 
Millari (11) ¨me siento protegido¨
Connie (14) ¨siento algo caliente aqui¨(pointing to her heart)
haha one of my favorite parts of being a missionary is when kids tell you things like that without even knowing why they feel that way when we are at their house or at church.

by the way Dad, thanks for your scriptures about the love of God. unfortunately two of them are talking about Christ. the best one was the one in John... :)
also mom, you would love the fruit here. i thought of you sunday when some guy in the street came up to us and just randomly gave us a bunch of fresh, huge, beautiful grapes. also we passed the ferria and turns out a couple investigators were working selling fruit (fresh fresh fresh from the farms) and i got to try pepino (cucumbers but smaller and orange inside and sweet). they were delicious!
also a menos activo this week said he had a gift for reading peoples handwriting, so he read ours and said that my mom is worried, along with other things. haha hope thats not true...
also if mom could do my a quick favor, it would be AWESOME. i just want to make sure my netflix account doesnt still work. could you just try logging onto netflix with my username (ashleyjeanjensen at and password (iluv2dance) and see if it works? thanks..

anyway, this week was great! at church yesterday we had tons of people come! Victoria is going strong to go to the temple (menos activo who FINALLY came to church-miracle) and bore her testimony yesterday, as well as Felipe, the boy we are teaching and who is preparing to get baptized. He talked about how he got thrown out of the house by his dad and then hit by a bus and in a coma and the doctors all thought he would die but he is still here! he has so much faith. also a man the elders contacted and then taught during divisions in our sector (we didnt even know him yet!) came to church. his name is manuel. he is golden...but we think he has to get married so hopefully we can help him with that. Beatriz came to church again. we hadnt been able to find her in weeks because she started working and works until late. when we finally found her, she told us she had been sad because she thought we had abandoned her. she is way stressed out about work and her husband but not husband is being a jerk. 

anyway, it was a good week :) 
love and miss you all!!
have a fantastic last week of school and such!!!

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