Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week 44-June 1, 2015

Week 44-June 1, 2015

wow sounds like taylor leaving was quite the adventure!!! also it is obvious that he will be a lot better at writing than me :P haha but hopefully you guys can forgive me. glad he got to england safely and is doing great!
anyway this week here in chile all kinds of crazy things happenes! haha basically i found out my entire ward is crazy and we also found lots of people with mental problems contacting this week, but they are awesome. one of them, a 20 year old guy who had an accident and as such has a few challenges mentally, mostly just with his memory, is super awesome and came to church this week!! he is totally going to get baptized, we just have to help him remember the stuff he needs to know and help him keep quitting smoking. we have another investigator we found that has a lot of potential but he wont stop making jokes about marrying us during the lessons so we might have to leave him until someday the elders find him or something.. also another investigator whose daughter just got interned for drugs and bipolarism but she is awesome and her mom is super receptive and acepted a baptism date. we finally figured out how to teach the first lesson more simply because literally nobody understands. ever. so now we just talk about the power of God that Christ had to heal people. we dont even mention prophets haha and it worked!  the Spirit was there and she understood what we were saying. 
also this week Jorges mom taught us how to make sopiapillas!! so that was fun :) she is super nice to us even though she is super catholic. i think she really respects her son and the progress he has made. its awesome :)
also they took out two of the elders from our ward so now we have part of their old sector, so we have been getting to know it this week. super evangelical. there are literally at least 20 churches in our sector alone. every block has an evangelical church in someones house or something. crazy. also there is a part that is super poor. the poeple can just go and build a house there with what they have. its crazy to see. but the people there are super humble. its true what they say about the more humble people being more receptive. 
also we found a menos activo this week (finally) we basically told us that there is ALL KINDS of drama in our ward and things the people have done or are going through secretly that seriously challenged our faith in families and marriage. but hopefully we will get over it. but i wont go into detail because its not necessary. long story short, some of the people here have literally gone through the inimaginable in their marriages or lives and have lived to tell the tale. some of the people here are stronger than i could ever be and have TONS of faith.i learn every day from their examples...
anyway, love you all and have a fantastic week!

pretty part of our sector but not very successful because its richer. so basically we knocked some doors, took some pictures, found pomegranates and left. haha

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