Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 30-February 23, 2015

Week 30-February 23, 2015
so this week im trying to send all the pictures i can because i took lots this week since i was saying goodbye to everyone and im terrified that my camera will get another virus. but its working right now and i paid 20 bucks to print out a bunch of the pictures, so hopefully ill have some  kind of record of my mission :P
anyway, our sector got white washed so it was pretty stressful to prepare everything and leave maps and notes and everything about all the people and say goodbye and such and it was sad that hermana flores left. we cried. but now im going to the countryside! going from a high rise apt to a house in the countryside! :P and my companion is hermana damian.
cool story for this week, we went to visit a nemos activo that we always visit to help her with the old woman she takes care of (she bathes her feeds her everything) (shes just her neighbor that she took in!! ). she is awesome and we sang for her and the old woman and for the first time ever, ortencia, the old lady looked at us and smiled (usually she doesnt really react to anything). she was really THERE and appreciated us being there and was happy made us feel fantastic. ill send a picture. it made me think that im really just here to learn from people like hermana emerita who has sacrificed so much to take care of ortencia full time. ive never even done that for my own family! crazy..
anyway, love and miss you all! also the baptism of miguel fell through cuz he had a dream and was scared but i think he will do it next week so i cant wait for pictures!!

pablo. lol he doesnt look super happy but he loves us and came to church  just for us :P

hermano borquez.. it was sad to leave him 

peña family. love them so much...the little girl is the one who got baptized like two weeks ago

our ward..haha taking this picture was an adventure but here it is...

with Hermana Flores

​my new companion :)  Hermana Damian

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