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Week 29-February 16, 2015

Week 29-February 16, 2015
so this week was pretty awesome! a few crazy stories..
so wednesday we went to teach this 21 year old guy we contacted and seemed interested and we ended up explaining all of lesson 1 and such and talked to him about his concept of God and such and he told us he believed us because we didnt look like people who were lying and that he felt peace. that was pretty cool. the funny part was that in the middle of it he was smoking a cigarette (everyone smokes) and we were testifying and then we noticed that the plant next to us in the patio was a marijuana plant. a big one. lol wish i had a photo.. when he left to get something from his house we looked at eat other and busted up laughing. turned out to be an interesting lesson cuz we told him our first names cuz he was bugging us about it and he decided to keep calling me ashley and it was pretty weird to hear. haha then he asked us if we were his spiritual guides and we said yes. lol oh goodness but we will see what happens with him. his name is pablo
other story, so we had a bunch of divisiones again this week and one of them was with two missionaries from the coast who were spending the night at our apartment so we split up and worked separately with them in our sector. hna flores and one of the hermanas went to teach one of our investigators, Patricio, and taught him the Law of Chastity and read alma 39 about coriaton and the harlot Isabel. He kind of freaked out apparently and got super depressed about not being able to live the law of chastity (we knew he had problems but we didnt know any details, he just said his weakness was women). two days later we taught him again, this time together, and ended up talking about the Atonement and repentance. then he opened the scriptures to alma 39 and showed us where it says  ¨^la ramera isabel^ and told us that is why he freaked out. the day they had taught him he had been having problems with his wife and the fact that they came and taught the law of chastity struck him super hard (he believes strongly that we are messengers sent from God to him). but also that he freaked out because apparently the woman with whom he is cheating on his wife with (as far as we understood) is named isabel..haha crazy how the Spirit works..haha made me think about the poor harlot isabel who is now one of the very few woman named in the book of mormon and now is always used as an example to teach the law of chastity because of a few errors she made..someday in heaven id love to meet her. 
anyway one of our investigators, Miguel, hopefully will get baptized this next sunday!!!!  super excited. he is awesome. super humble and has so much faith. also a miracle because he doesnt smoke, drink, and is married!! hopefully all goes well until sunday..
also i might be leaving the sector monday, we dont know, but its very possible..
which is why i bought a new memory card today :)
also apparently i make awesome pan amasado (bread here)! :P all the times i attempted to make bread with mom paid off! thanks mom! haha
also if you guys ever send another package,  i sure wouldnt mind exercise videos (p90x, insanity, hip hop abs. etc). i have one from hna osterloh but im getting pretty sick of doing the exact same thing every morning when we cant leave the pension..
love and miss you all!!

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