Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 75-January 5/6, 2016

Week 75-January 5/6, 2016

To answer moms questions. she is hna zanelli (in the pics) my companion at the time. from peru
and no i dont know what time we go to the airport,  but i think in the evening
we had a class for getting a job after the mission and such today all day so i will write more tomorrow but love you all!  my companions name is hermana aguilar. from chile (near osorno)
you can see pics in three weeks:P
and it woul.d be fun to see the christmas stuff but if the tree is dead and its a fire hazard its ok haha but if you want to leave the lights up on the house or something that might be fun :)

But about your question about the despedida, i had to send invitations to all my sectors and such and now we have the events of go-homers like the clase de empleo and such so taht why i couldnt write yesterday. but all is well. it kind of stresses me out becuase as you probably know im not good with transitions. id rather just get on a plane and leave the day i have to go and not think about it for weeks before. but its ok. i just have to enjoy it. it also stresses me out because we have to write goals and such for our life after the mission and i still dont know what to do with my life so thats stressful. but all is well. everything will work out in the end.
anyway we are doing great. we have been trying hard to find new pèople to teach and such so lots of knocking doors but yesenia and her family and tamara and such are still doing great. we might get to go to the temple with sylvia this saturday :) i LOVE going to the temple with recent converts. its a super special experience because i love the temple and to go with someone for the first time makes me realize even more the Spirit thats there. sometime i wish i was a new convert so that i can do my family history from the beginning :P but its also good to know that there are always more people to look for and do the work for.
thats awesome that yiwei and amanda came to church!!! remember that baptism is the door to enter in the celestial kingdom. its only the door. after that we have to start running the marathon until the end. we dont have to be perfect to be baptized and we dont have to know everything there is to know. keep it simple and help them get baptized ASAP:) great job sharing the gospel :)
love you all! have a fantastic week!!

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