Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 72-December 15, 2015

Week 72-December 15, 2015
thanks for changing my facebook :) and ya i think its best if we just use skype and maybe its better the 26th? ill ask around. just give me an hour and ill find a place. you said like 5 or 6 my time would work?
so this week silvia got baptized. she was so happy and it was the most beautiful service ive ever been to. the other woman who got baptized is the mom of one of the members who ALWAYS helps us. she is like our mom here. she even brings us jackets when its cold and accompanys us all the time. anyway her mom is like 90 years old and she never thought she could get baptized because she couldnt remember the stuff but she learned everything with the elders and got baptised. she was also a miracle....
the members helped us and silvia shared how she felt a peace and a heat that didnt leave her even after the baptism.
it was awesome :)
tomorrow i get a new companion, a greenie :) that will be fun. ill send pics next week. cant talk much more this week cuz i gotta do my despidida photo and such but hope the pictures make up for it :)
The Best Christmas present ever...

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