Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 42-May 18, 2015

Week 42-May 18, 2015
ok well you guys didn't write (we did...not sure why she didn't get them=)) but i can write you guys i guess. haha anyway this week was good. Jorge got the priesthood sunday :) it was awesome.
changes were this week so we had the meeting today. it was hermana arangos birthday thursday so president called to tell her happy birthday and after she said she was happy with her companion he told her not to worry, that we wouldnt be changed. haha `es un regalo` he said. so basically hermana arango got chocolate and me for her birthday :P haha but we are doing great and now we will live alone because the sector of the other hermanas was closed and given to the elders of their ward. so now we will be lonely and are a little nervous about the security of living alone but president knows what he is doing and where we live is super chill so we will be ok. all we have to worry about are the natural disasters :P all kinds of volcanos and earthquakes here.. 
anyway, one thing i learned this week is the power of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. i never understood why we have to read every day before but now we can tell and see the differences in the people who are reading and those who are not. its so easy to loose your testimony and the people who stop reading adn praying loose everything, even their memory of the gospel that was so important to them before. also investigators who read, progress and feel a desire to do things right, but those who dont never do anything to progress. ive realized even looking back on my own life that the times when i was reading i progressed and actually wanted to do good things and when i wasnt reading, i was rebelious, questioned everything, and did things i regretted later. the scriptures have power, especially the book of mormon. the simple things really work to help us progress. anyway, that is what i learned this week. also the word etiquetar, which means to tag, like tag a photo on facebook :) 
love and miss you all! have a great week!
hope dad had a great birthday!!!

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